CWLDotNet and cwl-ts-auto


DotNet and TypeScript objects and utilities auto-generated by Schema Salad for parsing documents corresponding to the CWL schema

TypeScript DotNet


C++ Tool

Hair Groomer is a stand-alone software to generate guide hairs for NVIDIA HairWorks written in C++ and OpenGL.

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PixelForce 2 (2016)

Android & IOS Game

The successor to the popular Android game PixelForce offers a brand new engine, updated weapons and new worlds!

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The Legend of Notch: Reincarnation (2013)

Minecraft Java mod

A gigantic Minecraft modification, that turns your Minecraft into a completely working RPG with a huge custom story, tons of new monsters and NPC's, hundreds of new weapons, armors, items and minigames!

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